Sunday, September 27


Because I can't stop thinking about you even though we were mean to each other.
Because I miss you so much even though we are not talking to each other.
Because I want you so bad but I have to hold on, we don't want to get hurt like we did.
Because all I wanted to say that day was yes but I've hurt you too much, I've had heart aches more than my heart can take.
Because I love you even though we're different.

We never poured our love to the wrong people, we just changed.

Saturday, September 26

Rindu sebenarnya tapi entah apa yang menghalang.

Friday, September 25

You vented out lies.

Thursday, September 24


Hari Raya paling bosan sebab semua buat hal sendiri dan aku kena menghadap buku sebab finals nak dekat.

Ok lah, Selamat Hari Raya.

Wednesday, September 16

you're the only light i ever saw.

I think I've been lying to myself because I thought I'd be okay but I guess I spoke too soon. I tried to act cool, like I didn't care about you when deep down.. I wanted to know if you've eaten or not, if you're okay or not. I just wanted to know how your day was but at the end of the day, it was a pretentious lie that I made to cover up my own sorrow. I've had my fair share of sleepless nights too and too many things happened at once. It was beyond my control. I was pressured and did not know any better on how to handle our situation.

Blame my reckless mouth. Probably you won't be reading this and honestly, I am half hoping that you wouldn't. I just want what's best for you because you got hurt, I got hurt and I think neither of us wants that anymore. I know I don't want to get hurt. I shall let you walk away now. Maybe it's for the best? Or maybe, we'll find our way back. (Soon, I hope) Or maybe, it's a permanent and you won't remember it.

I think this will be the last post regarding us.

Keep me posted on your life. Ily.


Things that I miss.
  1. Home cooked meals.
  2. Buka puasa with my family and friends.
  3. Sahur with mama.
  4. Bazaar Ampang Jaya, walaupun kuih sana tak sedap langsung.
  5. Bunny
  6. Main mercun sampai badan bau busuk.
  7. Mr. A.
I will definitely remember this Ramadhan because..
  • Roommates taught me not to sahur but I will always end up sahuring since I cannot stop whining in lecture class.
  • Sahur at 4 am.
  • Makan nasi ayam sepuluh hari berturut-turut.
  • Makan popiah kering setiap hari.
  • Sahur maggi sedap.
They just announced that we can go back tomorrow instead on Friday! I am gonna pack my stuff now. I miss KL, I miss my mum. Haven't seen her for two weeks. :( Okay, mengada.

Bye anak gemuk.
I'll come back stronger than a powered up batman.

Sunday, September 13


I can be happier.

Friday, September 11


I died during Biology test.
Served me right because I did not wake up early this morning and skipped math lecture. I want to go back so bad this week because I miss my mum's home cooked meals. Today we have this small gathering at my biology teacher's house and I do not feel like going because my mum said this

Me: Adik nak balik mama. Asha balik jugak.
Mama: Adik boleh balik tapi tak boleh balik naik ktm, bas or kawan ambik.
Me: Habis tu, mama nak ambik?
Mama: Tak nak. Duduk situ sampai next week.

I just love my mum.

I am craving for apple pie and unagi. ;)

Tuesday, September 8

hugs and kisses.

No, of course you did not crush me!
You just destroyed me, darling.

Friday, September 4


Happy Legal, Jasmin. :)
My good friend of 10 years.
Thank you for being there for me and thank you for making your house as my second house. I am glad that we're not closer than we were. I miss the time when we used to play dress up at your old house with Iya. And the time when we made golf course for your dad. =) Good times, good times.
May you have a good one this year.
I love you!

p/s: gambar kenot post. internet sini slow macam zaahira bila orang bagi joke.


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