Sunday, May 31

stays wrecked and jealous.

Stop calling me and say, "Asal tak bagitau you balik?"

I do not need to tell the whole world if I am back or not. If you really miss me or want to hang out with me, just text me on the weekdays and ask if I am coming back or not. Don't say that I've forgotten about my friends because I haven't. Seriously, do I need to tell the whole people here that I am back because when I do, only few or ONE shows up. I don't need shit like

"Eh Nad, why tak bagitau you balik?"

"Sombong gila kot, tak bagitau you balik"

"You dah lupa kawan kan"

If your hands are itchy enough to want to send that kind of texts, don't. Because it'd just piss me off. Don't send me last minute texts of wanting to hang out with me on Sunday because I won't reply any of it. See, I am tired of these kinds of people. If you think you are one of them, stop sending me stupid texts.

On a much much lighter note, my boyfriend has turned on his phone and all of my texts are delivered. At least I know that he's safely arrived. I miss you, get the new number cepat because I have loadssss of things to tell you! :(

HAhAHAHA, I bet you did not know that I have this picture. ;)

Saturday, May 30

I hate australia

Because Azmi is there and he hasn't turned on his phone since noon and I am really worried now...

"If you are reading this, please contact me as soon as possible or I will bomb Australia"

I managed to catch up with Zaahira since we haven't seen each other for almost a month now. Good food, stupid camera, stupid waitresses and also stupid mahal spray paint that made Zaahira go macibai over the hardware store.

I am going to eat Australia because my baby's missing.

Er, we went to Azmi's house because Zaahira saw how worried I was. I think the guards thought that we were robbers... Stupidzzz.


Because of that I don't want to get mad at anything involving her anymore because it hurts when I find out the littlest things about her. So, screw her.

I don't care anymore because it still fucking hurts.

What goes around, comes around.

Friday, May 22

heroes and thieves.

I still loathe kmns.

don't blame life.

I am back, again.

Back to the same old routine. Wake up at six, class at eight til four, eat, study and sleep. I barely have time to talk to people nowadays but it doesn't matter if I am back or not. I would just lock myself up in my house and watch One Tree Hill for the 87th time and probably get my assignments done by tonight so that I can have a perfect Saturday.

Things there are hectic, you don't have time for anything unless you are a genius who doesn't need to study at all. One of my classmates just received an offer from UIA, lucky girl. Good luck, Mun. :) Thanks for saving my ass during the mentor session. I'm in the volleyball shitz, I can't play to save my life. Currently, pissed at myself.

I might just drop by at Zaahira's place and go see Azmi if I have the chance to drive. ;( And I probably have to buy more tudungs since I only have.. three. Ciow babies.

Sunday, May 17

I am currently reading Tuesdays with Morrie and also The Rules of Life given by my sister who actually reads these kinds of books. Both are equally good. ;) Kudos to my sister.

Ok lah, hari ni aku balik kandang aku yang makanan dia tak sedap langsung. Fatin pun dah ready nak balik kandang, tahniah. Bye.

Saturday, May 16

just stay the hell away, green monster.

Ampang Point! was on fire just now so I couldn't go there to find a decent priced laptop. :( Azmi told me not to buy Vaio because he wants to be the cool one who has it.

I think a part of me died there because it wasn't the environment that my head imagined. I think I slept for eight hours last night, I wanted to sleep longer than that but all I could think was tomorrow I won't be in KL again which is just bloody sickening. I do not know how my cousin did it. (Bangga sikit la Maira. Hehe) She lived way up north but survived a year there.

To my friends who said that I've forgotten about them because I did not tell them that I am back, I am sorry because I know I won't be seeing any of you. Jangan marah ye adik manis, senyum dulu.

Kami Menjana Nilai & Skor. My ass.

I want to eat pine and apples. I just bought new broom for my room since my room mates are pretty useless to bring anything. And I hope that they do not read my blog because if they do, I swear I will kill each and every one of them using water heater that I just bought. COOL EHH?

Sumpah rasa macam nak bunuh Aril AF7. Muka jambu mintak tampar. Kalau dia menang, memang orang vote dia tu buta. Okay la, nak packing sebab esok aku nak masuk kandang. Bye.

OH, I forgot to tell you this. I have memorized my matrix's song. Kthxbye.

I want I heart KL t-shirt :)

Malam ni tengok AF7 -_-



Orientation felt like my own personal torture chamber because I barely had time to eat, shower, talk to my mum and sleep. The schedule was hectic and I only had 3/4 hours sleep each night but glad it's all over and I'm back for the weekend!

In terms of friends, I've made few and I am still very much close to Fatin and our blocks are only few meters away. IF only they had a bridge in between our blocks... They are some weird ones who keep on asking for my phone to look at the pictures and the ones who took my stuff without asking me first and some, I just don't care. Every night, Azmi called me to make sure that I let everything out and get some rest and he was the one who I turned to when I felt like crying. So, thank you baby!

I am back because I miss my mum, Azmi and friends. I am back because I brought three jeans with me but then found out that they are going to confiscate my jeans. I MISS SCHOOL. :( But I think next week's going to be okay since my brother bought me iPod charger and it'll be less hectic, more study. Think happy thoughts, Nadira.

Oh, the girls there are very judgemental. Worse than high school.

I am off to play with Bunny and shower! TATA!

so sally can't wait, she knows it's too late.

Credits to Zaahira for all the pictures :)

Stripper with Mangga model

Kelab Cancer Stick Sedunia

Anak cina =D

Because you must zoom at Ira's face and baby's shirt ;)

Anak jugak.

"adik manissss"

The people who made it happen. :)

Thursday, May 7

coming around, coming around.

Since 1999

CameraGirl with superpowaa*

We ain't leaving for good. ;)

I might be going to GE Mall tomorrow to get a red toy car for someone who seriously is in love with red toy cars. Just thought of bringing back his old childhood self. No, I am not making sense. I haven't packed. While I was packing, Graduation by Vitamin C somehow was on air. Not cool.

Tuesday, May 5

"Game tu buat you marah dekat i"

Azmi: *Mumbles*
Nadira: You jangan mumble boleh? I tak faham bahasa cina.
Azmi: You jangan mumble boleh? I tak faham bahasa jawa.

Let's digimon battle when you're back okay? And lets get you another red toy car since you gave all of them to your little cousins. :) I can't wait for FRIDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. You better ask your friends to drop you off somewhere. HEHEHE

Happy Thirteenth, sugar. Ily :)

Monday, May 4


Zaahira says: serious oh nad, sebenarnye sedih oh u and ira dah nak pergi
Zaahira says: i duk fikir malam malam
Nadira says: babeeeeeeeeee
Nadira says: dont do thisss
Zaahira says: hahah no i wasnt but i baru lepas berak ah
Zaahira says: HAHAHAhaA


through the rain and storm

I will get through this week, I will get through this week.
My Saturday morning til evening is going to be great.
My 12 years of bestfriend will always be missed.

Have you ever heard something called punching bag?



Because I am not one.

I assure you baby, it's alright.

Have no fear, we'll be okay.

Saturday, May 2

I'm sorry,

The rainbow decided to puke, here. =D



And I was wearing yellow last night with my cousin while watching One In A Million:Grand Finale. So the family assumed that I was rooting for Tomok, well.. I WAS! Kak Teeny seriously hates Tomok's hair. HAHAHA. Kthanksbye.