Friday, June 26


It was purple day for some of us :)
To sum it up, I miss someone who's probably in his blankie trying to sweat his fever off. Get well soon, baby! One day before birthday pun, demam kan. :( Tonight we'll talk okay? Tolong la carikan Bunny nanti...
The funniest shit:
Our english teacher has the funniest accent, he sound like a french man but actually la kan, he cannot pronounce R. He will end up talking like this.
Cikgu X: Nadigha, bila nak pass up assignment? Kalau kita daghabkan ini, kita dapat apa?
Ferra: Tghee teacher.
Cikgu X: Logaghitheem ni tak susah ye.
And he wrote this on my friend's paper.
"Semoga Teha cantik dengan segala yang baik"
Rest In Peace, Mikaeel Jackson. You will always be remembered and we will be moonwalking everywhere starting from now.

Wednesday, June 24

You wouldn't like that, no.

Only one question,


Tuesday, June 23

i want to eat burger.

Sometimes it's tiring when other people gets all the credit on the things that you do, no? It's crazy enough that people actually do that to you but when other people keep on reminding you how awesome the things that other people actually did (When you did 87% of it), you will get pissed off too. Right?

I am so ge-ram right now because of it. It will hurt your emotion and I am now, emotionally drained. Being the last/second last/third last/fourth last to know hurts even more. Don't you think so?

Just ranting.

You had me calling for you, honey.

I miss home and I won't be coming back til 17th of July and I will rot here til then because I have mid terms coming up in 19 days! They actually have a huge ass reminder on our door just to remind us how close we are to mid terms.

Things are different now, I am adapting to my environment but I don't think I will ever be okay due to things that have been happening around me. That's just, balls. I don't have any blog worthy things to update but I just found out days ago that Mysara will be leaving this Friday. Double balls.

I can't tell if things are going to be different but if that's your promise, I will take it. The only thing that I can tell is, I am not always on your mind.

Sunday, June 21

Almost Nineteen.

Happy Almost 19th, Baby! ;)

Because redbull gives you wings.

Si tua ;)

Half and half.

My first impression: WHATAFAK MING??!!

Zaahira was attacking Azmi with more cupcakes.

I hope you had fun ;) Sorry for making you really really mad! It was for your own good. Thanks people for helping me out because it took him 10 minutes to realize that it was his surprise birthday!! ♥

Saturday, June 13

of disappointments and regrets.

I shouldn't have told the truth because it has hurt you in more ways that I imagined.
I am sorry for being your biggest and only disappointment.
I am sorry that I am not strong enough to go through things that I myself thought was strong enough to go through it.
I am sorry that I lied to you when things were never fine.
I guess I thought I made the right decision when it's far from it.

Friday, June 12

have heart, my dear.


oh. my. god.


What about Malaysia??

M A L A Y S I A! :(

Sunday, June 7

I might believe you if I didn't know.

1. I think I've gone a bit mental, which is very obvious.

2. My room mates turned out to be really cool because one of them is as vain as I am. ;)

3. Azmi is still in Australia... And glad to know that he's okay because baby just texted and said that he misses me! ;)

4. My weekend turned out to be hectic, I did not have time for myself.

5. I am always, always sick. The last time I was really healthy was weeks ago. I am always tired.

6. Cafeteria is only few meters away from my block.. The percentage of me getting fatter each day is really high. I've gained heaps of kilo. =D

7. I think 'Cute without the E in Acoustic' is just blardy awesome. It's an old song, I know.

8. The girl who stays/lives in the opposite room is a pain the ass because she thinks she owns the bloody block and she still has no idea that I am fucking pissed at her because she still talks to me. I feel like throwing my thick biology book at her face for being so ignorant.

9. I miss my Gamma classmates.

10. For being a bitch and a whore, too.. Stay the hell away because you still haven't seen worst.

11. I am in need of these items: Dark washed skinny jeans, black denim mini skirt, red wedges and black cardigan. (Err, dark washed skinny is the main priority)

Saturday, June 6

it's a girl, idiots.

After a year of bottling shit up, now.. I have finally let things out and I feel so much better since someone has a pea sized brain. Thanks S for telling me the truth, I've let go some of my idiotic feelings and now, I am just waiting and hoping for the best. Hopefully..

I don't know why I told you even though you are one of that person's closest friends but I felt like you should know about this since I have no heart or whatsoever to confront anyone because the only thing that I will get in return is lies, and more lies. So it's better for me to reassure everything from you. I am half okay now and bouncing back from all the pains and lies that I was in.

Happy 14th, Boy.

Was hoping to get something from you but none.. It has been four days now and still no words from you. I just need a call, a missed call would suffice. But none. I was rooting for a text today but none came. I miss you, still. Hope you are having fun there. Ily. <3

Friday, June 5

you will never reach it


- I went for basketball tryouts yesterday and I have to come back for the next one which will be on Tuesday!
- Azmi is STILL on his holiday which makes me mad because today is our 14th. :(
- I am back for the weekend and will be watching Hannah Montana the Movie with my cousin! :)
- Will be chopping my hair to-morrow!
- In need of giant hair clips.
- I might be joining KMNS's battle of the bands ;)

Chalo babies.

Monday, June 1

hello june.

Okay i am hungry and i am happy because azmi finally replied my text. :) WEEEEE