Saturday, October 31

i wanna be a macho man

After so much consideration, I am not going to All-American Rejects because I went to World Stage and Mysara has gone MIA :(

Thursday, October 29


I am hicupping like mad but I am to scared to go to the kitchen because I watched Sorority Row.
Don't Watch!
I hit my friend so many times because I got scared.
Stupid movie.

after four months

I still care.

Sunday, October 25


I hate the fact that I actually believed in forever.
I held on my heart and told myself to never believe in forever.

Saturday, October 24

Friday, October 23

Happy 17th Birthday, Nadira.

I know you still remember this.
You'd be a great liar if you say you don't.

Thursday, October 22

blood is thicker than water.

I miss spending time with my siblings :(

Tuesday, October 20

dua orang bergabung tenaga

Sorry Mysara sebab ambik clip rambut.
Eye contacts tu mahal okay.

Friday, October 9

Just guidelines.

  • make hatred as your last resort.
  • ask questions with obvious answers.
  • push people too hard, you might just drive them away.
  • put your hopes too high, you might get hurt.
  • trust people too much, or too little.
  • blame people.


  • be happy.
  • carpe diem.

Monday, October 5

part forty five hundred.

Finals in less than a week and I feel like half of my brain has melted and another half is missing. I want to get an A so bad for my mathematics but integration and differentiation are not letting me! Ok bye, nak study dengan Teha.

Liyana, I already missed you :(