Monday, November 30

Back on track.

Daddy bought me broadband but the coverage in my room, sucks! :( My laptop can only be at this one exact place to get HSPDA or whatever you call it. Leena's room has the best coverage. I miss someone who's probably sleeping in Singapore right now. Okay, toodles!

Sunday, November 29

Depression is sliding in...

You sang me spanish lullabies.

Your heart is not mine, it's never mine and will never be mine.

Miss Siti Zee

Nadira says:

Zaahira says:
bye babi
tiduk ketat ketat

Nadira says:

Zaahira says:
i nak ckp baby
i terlepas babi


My new obsession!
Pandora bracelets and I might be getting it soon.
I love Zaahira's mum for letting me design my own bracelet. Hikhik.
And I love Zaahira for letting me crash her place every single time.
I love A for always being there. :)

Friday, November 27

Liyana Rushdan, I miss you lah!
Balik cepat.


Selamat Hari Raya, readers..

Thursday, November 26

welcome back, bby.

You know what they say Nadira, if you let that person go.. If he comes back, a part of him will be missing.
You know what you've signed up for this time.

Monday, November 16

All hail WIKIPEDIA. Now I am done with Biology. I wanna get back to my parabolas, hyperbolas and ellipse. Maths is getting sexier each day.

Results coming out soon! I still wonder why I am in matrix but.. whatevs. Just make the most of it. Tata!

Sunday, November 15

So, 'Thinking Of You' hits home.

What's next?

Saturday, November 14

you wanted the best but it wasn't me.

I spent few hours reading it.

Thursday, November 12


To whoever that wants to contact Awi, here's his number


lights out.

The weather has been a major pain because it reflects my mood. :(
Results coming out in two weeks, just before Raya Korban. Mum will probably end up slaughtering me instead of the cows. I need to get my mojo in studying back because I've been slacking even though second semester just started on Monday.
I need my comfort zone back but I ain't getting any.

The best part is, my campus has installed wireless for the whole students to use. Bad news is, I might just get kicked out soon.

In the meantime, I just wanna sit back and relax. Just see how it goes.

I can wait for the all girls outing. Should be fun. :)

To Jasmin: I hope you'll stay strong. We've known each other for more than a decade. I'm sure you'll get through this. Stick to your guns and you know that I'm here for you. Lebiuuu. <333

To Ethira who probably doesn't read this shit: I am sorry for last week.

Tuesday, November 10

I just love November.

Today, I was in my Agama class and the ustaz was talking about the girls who wear tudung and the girls who don't. He said he will somehow deduct our behaviour marks if he sees any of us without tudung. The whole class mumbled my name and then he glared at me. FML.

Sunday, November 8

Second semester starts tomorrow but my heart is not here, but somewhere in North.

Friday, November 6

Zero five, zero four, zero eight.

I had my first dream about you after the falling out. I trembled after seeing your name. See how much impact you've brought in my life? It's almost impossible but hey, when it comes to you.. Everything is possible.

I miss you.

I want to write a lot more but I just have to bite my tongue this time since you ignored my IM last night. I guess crying isn't going to solve anything.

Because in your eyes, I'd like to stay.

Frank Iero owns!

I am watching MCR's old shit.

Honestly, MCR was way cooler back then and Bullet is still the shit! Some people might think they are gay, losers and shit but to me, they are.. Okay, were fucking good. Revenge had some awesome music in there and of course... The video reminds me of Frank Iero's hotness.

And of course, Frank Iero reminds me of someone. Don't pretend like you don't know who you are.

Anyways, Bullets and Revenge are two sick albums that I still listen to. I don't listen to Black Parade because honestly.. the album is not good.

I am looking forward for the new album, if they have one. In the mean time, I will just continue listening to Bullets.

high low.

My Juliet Simms.

Since 1998

Thursday, November 5

Tangan aku menggeletar bila nampak satu nama ni kat MSN. Siap lutut lemah lagi lepas nampak nama tu. Petanda apa ni?

forever will never be long enough.

In Loving Memory Of...
So, I miss you.
And I know it's not enough.

Wednesday, November 4

been trying to meet you.

Zero Five, baby.
I'll just bite my tongue and hold back everything.


zero five zero four zero eight
I miss you so bad.

Tuesday, November 3


Dem son.

Sunday, November 1

new leaf, new month.

Bye October.. Hello November, please don't break my heart like October did.

I don't know if it was you, who sent the comment.. But if it was you..

I miss you, too.
I miss you quite dearly.
But if it happens not to be you.. November is just going to be another let down.

the funniest thing i've heard all day.

Me: Why do you look so dark?
#1: Here's dark la, Nad.
#2: Once you go black, you can never go back.
#3: Hey Nadira.. Eh why do I look so dark here ha?
#2: Because you never go back.

there goes my hero.

This year's Halloween:
Jessica Simpson vs. Polly Pocket